Listen to an interview with Joy Berg and her insights into worship and music. 

Joy Berg Interview - part 1


Joy Berg Interview - part 2




This page is full of ideas that Joy is prepared to offer already. If your congregation is wanting to include a workshop on worship in your re-opening time, please contact Joy with more details   ($150 for 1 hour workshop; $250 for 2 hour workshop; $350 for 3 hour workshop); plus GST. (if travelling past the greater Edmonton area, travel costs will apply, as well)

a636fc44b6502370617271d3088acd02Understanding Worship  - looking at the basic history of worship and the four-fold pattern, we will learn the basics of worship in order to understand what we do every Sunday, and also to help in planning worship.


Worship style – can we think past the worship style in our congregation to more helpful ways to make choices for the music for our gathered community? Yes!


The Other Choir: teaching the congregation to sing – this workshop will give ideas on how to enable the congregation to sing better. As well, we will learn some new hymns and songs, and ways to enliven them musically – and think about how to best teach the congregation.


Worship planning for your congregation – do you need another ideas person in the mix of your worship planning? I am willing to come into your group who plans worship, bring ideas for the season, and listen to thoughts and ideas from you to help sort out plans for the season!a636fc44b6502370617271d3088acd02

Leading the church choir: conducting and repertoire – this workshop (which could be a one-on-one, or with the whole choir) would include the basics of conducting, as well as ideas of repertoire for the specific choir. Places to get free repertoire, and places to check out new compositions (such as Cypress “Songs for the Sanctuary”) would be part of this workshop!


Handel's Messiah in Holy Week - 3 sessions using music of Part II of Handel's Messiah, and focusing on Isaiah 53, Psalm 22, and Psalm 24. 


Design a Hymn Festival - I will design a hymn festival to help with your celebration! This hymn festival will involve the people in your congregation, using resources that are appropriate to your community and needs. I can be on site to help 'produce' the hymn festival, or I can create and then pass it off to a designated leader(s).


Other (leave a space to describe) – describe an idea of what your context may need, and let’s see if we can develop a workshop around your idea/need!

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