Cypress Choral Music

Songs for the Sanctuary

Dr. Joy Berg, with her two passions of choral conducting and worship – the foci of her two doctorates - has collected many beautiful, interesting, moving, and accessible selections for church choirs for the Cypress catalogue. In thinking about the church choir, she says, “these choices were made to offer wonderful choral music into the worship service, to be sung by the smaller or less-advanced choir. These choices are unique and interesting for the choir and for the listener, they wed text and music well, they can fit into various places within a worship service and church year, and they are fine examples of sensitive and careful choral writing. I am so excited for you to listen to the recording, and watch the score online, and find many new and accessible choices for your choir!” 

If one of these pieces is intriguing to you, order through the Cypress Publishing website. If you would like to arrange a reading session of this repertoire, please contact Dr. Berg.